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Upgrading your enterprise to a private limited company

You have been running a successful business for many years now as a sole proprietor or a partnership and it is time to upgrade to a private limited company also known as a sendirian berhad (sdn. bhd.) Establishing a company offers the ease, flexibility and security that running an enterprise can’t.

Here are the benefits of having a company (sdn. bhd.) as opposed to running a business as a sole proprietor / partnership.

  • Limited liability – the shareholders’ personal wealth is safe-guarded against the debts incurred / accrued by the Company.
  • Separate legal entity – a company is a legal person and therefore has the ability to acquire assets, enter and leave contracts, sued or be sued.
  • Perpetual succession – a company can continue in existence  regardless of the status of its owners, shareholders or directors unless legally dissolved.
  • Transfer of Ownership – a company can continue business operations as usual despite changes in ownership.
  • Greater access to funding – a company caan raise capital by issuing bonds or shares; and is able to borrow from financial institutions.
  • Tax advantages – corporate tax rate for a company is typically lower than the individual tax rate. Companies are taxed based on their profits.

Our team of accountants, tax consultants and company secretarial specialists can provide you with the best solution to setting up a business model that would work for you. It costs RM1800 to set up a new company inclusive of 6 months secretarial fees with no further hidden costs to you. You would need a copy of your business registration particulars, the names of the individuals to be appointed directors / shareholders & the proposed company name. Leave the rest to us and in no time you will have your brand new company.

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We are a online management consultancy firm offering a range of services that includes incorporations, company secretarial services, accounting, book-keeping, taxation and payroll services. Our key management team are all qualified associate and fellow members of the MIA, MAICSA & CIMA. Our affordable and all inclusive pricing make us one of the leading boutique professional firms located in the heart of Subang Jaya with a small clientele. Visit us or contact us online to learn more about our services.

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