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How to change your company name

There are many reasons why some companies would want to change their name. Perhaps there is a change in the nature of business or in the direction of the business. There could be a change of management or a need to re-brand, but whatever the reasons may be, here is the process on how to do it.

  1. Decide on a new company name.
  2. Let your company secretary know and they will do the Name Search / Reservation for a Change of Name.
  3. Once the application is approved by the SSM, your company secretary will do the necessary members’ and directors’ circular resolutions.
  4. Once the Board of Directors and the shareholders have signed the resolutions, your company secretary will lodge the required documents with the SSM.
  5. Your certificate of change of name will be issued within a few days.
  6. It is very important that the Company display the old name with the new name on all official documents for the first 12 months of the change.  Failure to do so could result in penalties and compounds being imposed upon the Company and the directors.

New Company Sdn. Bhd. 
(Formerly known as Old Company Sdn. Bhd.)

We charge RM350* for Change of Company Name which includes :

  • Professional fees
  • Name Search & Availability of Name
  • Reservation fees payable to the SSM
  • Application for Change of Company Name fee payable to the SSM
  • Directors’ and Members’ Resolutions
  • Disbursements (out-of pocket expenses)
  • Letter of confirmation to Banks / Other agencies that require it
  • Certificate of Change of Name included

** No hidden charges



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