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What is a Company Secretary and why does your company need one ?

Every company in Malaysia must appoint a company secretary under Section 236 of the Companies Act 2016. A Company secretary is an officer of the company who is appointed by the Board of Directors. The Secretary plays an integral role in a company; his or her role is more than just filing paperwork or performing basic duties of a regular secretary or an administrator. A company secretary is expected to be highly versatile in that he or she can review the board policies and procedures as well as advise on corporate governance matters. 

Generally, a company secretary will :

  • Update the company’s statutory information by completing and submitting the prescribed forms where necessary to the SSM of all changes that occur within the company which has to be reported.
  • Reminding the Board of the necessary annual compliance requirements, such as the dates to file the Annual Returns and submission of the Financial Statements.
  • Arranging for meetings, Preparation of Board papers and attendance at Board / Members’ Meetings and ensuring that the meetings are properly convened, constituted and conducted.
  • Ensure that the Constitution of the Company is properly adhered to and complied with
  • Maintains communication and acts as the link between shareholders and the Company
  • Ensure safe-keeping of all the company statutory records
  • Act as an advisor to the Board on legal compliance and corporate governance matters

Now that you know what a company secretary is and his/her role in the Company, the company secretary that you to choose to entrust this role must understand his / her obligations and implement the best processes and solutions based on your company interests. If you are looking for an established company secretary, why not contact us. Our team of professionally qualified secretaries will provide you with an excellent and a complete service at affordable fees while you concentrate on developing your business.



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