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Share Transfers in Malaysia

What are the Procedures ? If you own shares in a Sendirian Berhad (Sdn Bhd) company in Malaysia you may someday have plans to transfer those shares to another person. Shares may be transferred for many reasons. This article will provide information on transfers of the shares of a Sdn Bhd company in Malaysia forContinue reading “Share Transfers in Malaysia”



Types of Foreign Companies in Malaysia What is a foreign Company ? Defined by the Companies Act 2016, a foreign company means: A company, corporation, society, association or other body incorporated outside Malaysia; An unincorporated society, association or other body which under the law of its place of origin may sue or be sued, or hold propertyContinue reading “FOREIGN COMPANIES”

The Company Registration Number – what does it mean?

When was the new 12-digit registration format introduced? In October 2019, the SSM introduced a new 12-digit registration number format for business entities registered in Malaysia. The new standardized format replaces the previous styles of registration numbers. It utilizes a single registration format for all types of business entities in the country.  This means that evenContinue reading “The Company Registration Number – what does it mean?”

Ordinary Shares vs Preference Share

This article explores the differences of Ordinary Shares and Preference Shares in terms of characteristics, benefits and rights, for both business owners and investors. Ordinary Shares These type of shares are the equity shares issued by a company, designating equity ownership proportionally based on the percentage of stocks purchased and owned.  Holders of ordinary sharesContinue reading “Ordinary Shares vs Preference Share”

What are the Annual Compliance for private companies and business enterprises in Malaysia?

When you have a registered private limited company, there are several  matters that you as the director / directors of the company need to ensure every year. Here we explore what are the annual compliances of your company that you need to be aware of and some of the costs involved in running and maintainingContinue reading “What are the Annual Compliance for private companies and business enterprises in Malaysia?”

Key changes in the Company Act, 2016 that you need to know

Here’s a look at some key changes that took place when the new Companies Act, 2016 was implemented on 31st January 2017. Minimum number of directors You can now incorporate a private limited company (sdn. bhd.) by just having a single shareholder and single director (previously the minimum number was 2 directors / shareholders) – the soleContinue reading “Key changes in the Company Act, 2016 that you need to know”


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